Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekending in the Rain

:: Weekending in the Rain :: 

The weekend started off with sunshine and pleasant temperatures on Friday evening. A perfect night for homemade pizza on the back porch and playing in the yard. Sadly, the rain decided to make a weekend long appearance. 


* early morning ballet lessons
* goat cheese, spinach, and cherry tomato omelets because really what else do you do on a rainy morning
*I did a massive clean out of the refrigerator and pantry. 
* the girls decided to spend some quiet time painting pictures while I fuddled through home sales pages and do to lists for the upcoming week
* quiet afternoon of reading and napping because again that is what one does when it rains 
*followed by some knitting and cooking
* dinner: Ratatouille served over whole grain pasta
* movie night with the children 
* I finally got around to cutting some fabric for various sewing projects that must be complete


* sleeping in and relaxing 
*Mass at noon then lunch out
*visiting friends and seeing a new baby
*dinner out 
* a relaxing evening in with the kiddies playing and some much needed knitting
* the last ever episode of Wallander ( I will miss that show) 

A very nice relaxing weekend but I am hoping for some much warmer and drier weekends to come. 

Joining up with Karen from Pumpkin Sunrise

Monday, May 16, 2016

excuse the mess

I am re-working this entire blog over the next excuse my mess! can't wait to unveil the newness soon!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday Morning Hike

:: Tuesday Morning Hike ::

No school, good weather, husband home, and three kids with some energy to burn off were exactly the ingredients needed for a morning hike in a new park. It was one close to our home and maintained by our county. The children always start every hike with a million questions: "Where are we going?" "How far is the trail?" "Is this place going to be fun?" "Will we get to jump in some water ?". This myriad of questioning is followed shortly by the obligatory complaint time of the trail being hard or the wind blowing too much. I just keep walking and try not say very much as the chattering next to me begins to settle down. Each children finds a rhythm of quietness and a pace of walking which helps assuage all of the questions, complaints, and worries. I know it takes time to get into the walking rhythm, that place where there are no distractions from electronic devices or toys. They fall into that pace quicker each time we go out to the woods. The world melts away and we are able to focus on the leaves on the trees, the dirt beneath our feet, and the chirps of a little bird in the wood. They are able to see the world in all its splendor and beauty. Every little flower or unfurling fern is new to them and they take it in with unbridled attention. 

The girls walk ahead making up games and pretend scenarios about wild animals or rainstorms. James walks in the middle keeping pace with the girls but not far ahead as to leave the little man and I behind. We bring up the rear because his legs are shorter and his pace slower. He is only two years old after all and there are rocks to pick up, puddles to stomp in and leaves to grab. We just walk slowly and quietly along the gravel crunching beneath our feet and the wind blowing the tree above our heads. For the all the ugliness that is in the world this is my happiest time and place. The walks through familiar and foreign woods. We discover new things and talk about what is happening in this moment. This walk had us splash through two streams, up and down a hill, watch a wild turkey fly off into the brush, and find a pretty meadow. Our oldest spotted an old chimney and foundation with what she called ancient glass. I don't think that glass is ancient and the fireplace looks functional so my bet is that some teenagers sneak out in the dead of night to test the boundaries of adolescent freedom. But I just let her believe it because she is observing and just being. 

I have learned not to control these walks or fuss if they get just downright dirty because they are being children and play is hard, dirty work. You can call it the negative ions of the forest or the removal from the busy world but the woods just make everything alright like a warm blanket to comfort you on the cold night. It is a gift of freedom that I want to impart to my children. Our responsibilities and duties can weigh heavy on our backs but a walk in the woods can lift that weight off even if just for awhile and let us be. 

I think by now if you read this blog with any regularity or not (which is fine too) you will know that I am deeply passionate about the natural world. I am rubbing off on my children because my oldest loves the outdoors. (Today, she also said rather loudly that the man across the street did not love the environment because he was cutting down a tree. We quickly had a chat about trees and how to care for them. We are working on it!) Anyways, I love the outdoors. While on a recent hike my husband  and I were talking about how I could get others to come out and try some walking with their children. So, I have decided to start a group. If you are local to me and would like to get yourself and/or your children out of the house this summer, join me! If you live far away and you love the outdoors too then start your own group. Even if you are hesitant about being outdoors on trails, give it a try. I have raging allergies and I still take on the pollen (armed with some allergy medication). 

"The mountains are calling and I must go" 

- John Muir 

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Weekend

:: The Weekend ::

We had the quintessential spring weekend of little day trips, dinner with family, and obligations. 

* errands Friday evening followed by pizza and a movie 
* early Saturday morning walk with just the dog and me
* ballet class
* Saturday morning brunch 
* driving trip through small towns looking at homes and lands
* a stop at Antietam National Battlefield for a walk to stretch our legs 
* ice cream stop
* dinner from the grill and playing the backyard 
* our oldest girl had her first Royal Academy of Dance class examination Sunday morning 
* Mass at noon
*dinner and time with my parents and brother and sister in law. 
*re-organizing of the family room at 8:45pm ( I had a sudden spurt of energy and desire to organize) 
*finally some much deserved time tucked into bed reading a great book. 

Pictures from my Saturday morning walk: we are renting a townhouse at the moment but has this great road that leads down alongside a farm. The road is used by the county but on the weekends it is a walking path. 

joining up with Karen of Pumpkin Sunrise

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our Weekend

:: Our Weekend :: 

It is now Sunday night and the weekend has flown by as it always does. Those precious hours as a family are my favorite time of the week. All the hustle and bustle of the week is over and it is finally time to disconnect from the world and reconnect with my family. We talk about work, school, and home. We share little tidbits from the week that got lost along the way. Mostly, we just enjoy the company of each other. It is NOT always idyllic and peaceful but it is real family time. Happy moments and moments when we all drive each other crazy. 

Our weekend, 

* Friday night dinner and then quiet time playing and even sneaking in one of our favorite shows, Martha Speaks

* Saturday morning ballet time and then breakfast 

* a visit from a childhood friend. We went to school together from about 1st grade until 12th grade. 

*baking and crafting with the girls. A cherry and almond galette & making foldable doll houses. 

* homemade pizza and movie night with my parents at our place. We watched Finding Nemo ( a personal favorite) 

* catching up with Garrison Keillor. We are going to see him later this spring! 

* Sunday morning trip to Sugarloaf Mountain. The whole family hiked up a moderate to hard trail to the summit (elevation 1228). What a view! I am very proud of our little hikers. Not a complaint and my oldest told me that she really did love the outdoors. 

* riding along the back roads to home 

* Sunday School and Mass 

* And finally, a relaxing evening getting ready for the week ahead.