Not According to Plan

:: Not Exactly What we had Planned ::

First, a picture to get us all zen! 

I thought that I would be posting about different things then I am right now, but sometimes life has a different path for us. We are in the midst of a two week shut down of schools in Maryland due to the COVID-19 disease. It is a bit scary and nerve-wracking as everyone makes adjustments to their daily lives. I had been feeling a little distracted, and I wanted to be helpful. Before we settled here, we moved around a lot with the military, and I homeschooled our children in their younger years and early grades. I am drawing on that knowledge now to help out! Below is a list of websites and several ideas I put together for those who are home with their children during this time. I will add more over the next couple of days but, I figured I would at least the start list now. 


I love these websites and the people that run them are great! 


Here is a list of some ideas that we have done at home in the past. As I think of more, I will add them to our list. If you have an idea, then email and I will add it to our list and give you credit! 

* Drive-In Movie: 
have your children decorate cardboard boxes that they can sit in. "Drive" those cars to the movies in your living space and play a movie, complete with popcorn and treats. 

* Lego Bridge Construction: 
have the kids build bridges out of legos and test how well they can withstand weights added to it. We use books or just about anything to see who builds the best bridge. 

* Water Table: 
Messy but fun. We pull to get out pour containers and bowls and add some food coloring. All of my kids love using our kitchen utensils to make and play. 

* Cooking:
We all chip and make a fun recipe like desserts or fancy snacks. If you are feeling adventurous, pull up some international recipes. 

* Art Gallery:
The kids make original art pieces, and then we post them in the house and take the family on tours. We let the kids explain their art on "tours" they give the family and friends. 

* Art for Older Kids:
Even though we can't gather in large groups right now, the art online is still there. I pull up art museum websites and let the kids browse them. Once they find some work they like, they try to create something like the original piece. (ex: Picasso- blue period or cubism) 

* Nature Walks or Runs:
We get outside and take a walk or run. You can add a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt to make it more fun. 

* Digging in the Dirt:
Shovels, rakes, and buckets. We get digging in those spring flower beds or gardens. 

* Comic Strips & Flipbooks:
Make your own comic strip or flipbook 

* Make a Movie 
In the world of electronic devices, my kids love making funny movies with the neighbors complete with costumes and props 

* Reading Fort: 
Build a blanket fort and bring in pillows. Grab some snacks and books and get cozy! 

* Letter Writing:
We write letters to friends and relatives that are far away. Make it even more fun by setting up a writing station complete with stickers and little envelopes, maybe even a shoebox mailbox. 

* Slime making: 
I know what you are thinking, I hate it too. BUT...the kids love it, so I just go with the flow. 


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