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Not According to Plan

:: Not Exactly What we had Planned ::

I thought that I would be posting about different things then I am right now, but sometimes life has a different path for us. We are in the midst of a two week shut down of schools in Maryland due to the COVID-19 disease. It is a bit scary and nerve-wracking as everyone makes adjustments to their daily lives. I had been feeling a little distracted, and I wanted to be helpful. Before we settled here, we moved around a lot with the military, and I homeschooled our children in their younger years and early grades. I am drawing on that knowledge now to help out! Below is a list of websites and several ideas I put together for those who are home with their children during this time. I will add more over the next couple of days but, I figured I would at least the start list now. 

I love these websites and the people that run them are great! 
No Time for Flashcards The Imagination Tree *TinkerlabThe Artful Parent *Red Ted Art *Made by Jo…

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