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:: Weekends ::
It has been such a long time since I put up a post about our weekends. I sometimes feel like our life is moving at a break neck speed. The days are busy and by the night I collapse into bed without a thought about blogging. The weekends are even worse because they are so short. Sometimes I wish that we all had three day weekends instead of two. Four day work weeks would be so much better.  But I am making an effort to get into writing again.
We had such a great and very hot weekend. I like summer but give me cooler temperatures and cozy nights any day. 
We started our weekend with friends over for dinner. We tried to have a cookout but it ended up being a eat in when the rains started. We had so much fun with their six kids and our three kids. Lots of laughs, running feet, and good food. We are blessed to live so close to them now after so many years of being apart. 

Saturday- we ran errands in the morning and then went over to the local fireman's fair in the neigb…

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