Sunday, January 04, 2015


{ Weekends }

I am starting off 2015 on the right foot by blogging more and what better way then to share our first weekend of the year. 

:: Friday afternoon haircuts and shoe shopping 

:: lunch with my grandmother and the kiddies great-grandmother
:: yummy homemade pizza and movie (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)
:: date night in of scrabble, whiskey and Diana Krall radio 

:: sleeping in on Saturday morning
:: household chores 
:: Surprise Birthday Party for my brother (I am the oldest and the shortest)

:: NFL playoff football for my husband and 2015 budget organizing for me
:: Mass & breakfast
:: getting ready for the regular work/school week
:: quiet candlelit dinner with the family
:: Downton Abbey Season 5 & tea

 Joining Karen of Pumpkin Sunrise

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  1. I love scrabble! wasn't downton good?? I love a soap opera :) Loved seeing you and the kids and the happiness!