About Me


I am a blogger. I am a wife. I am a mother of two girls and a boy. Our family continues to grow with blessings from God. I am also a doggie mama to our dachshund, Scooter.

I have a love of history and I am/was a high school history teacher.

I love reading, writing, and poetry.

I am a sometimes yoga student.

 I believe in whole foods, organics, and humanely treated meats. I believe in feeding my family good foods and local foods.

After the birth of my first little one, I fell in love with sewing and knitting and I taught myself.  I also love cooking and gardening.

Our Parenting Philosophy:
*we strive to teach our children to find the beauty in all people
* honor your elders
* speak and act kindly
* lead by example not just word

My Personal Philosophy:
*We must leave behind fears, prejudices, and anger to evolve. Only when we do this and love each other can we achieve great things.

Our plan for the future  is buy some land, build a home, and start a small farm with chickens and goats. Live the simple life while being self-sufficient.

Feel free to contact me through the blog but please ask before taking content or pictures off of my blog!



  1. Kathleen, I have so enjoyed visiting your blog! I am looking forward to coming back and hanging out for a while. :)