Tuesday, October 03, 2017


:: Weekends ::

In a great effort to get back into blogging on a regular basis I am going to start writing about weekends and joining up with one of my favorite blogger's (Pumpkin Sunrise) and her weekend post. 
But as you can see we are at Tuesday night and creeping ever closer to the next weekend before I can even get up the last weekend. I will get back into the swing of things once these temperatures drop, the time changes, and I get my fall rhythm into full swing. You can't feel magical or witchy when the weather is still nearing 80's. 

We had a jam packed weekend hence the late post....

*Friday night dinner with long time friends who are now only 10 minutes away opposed to hundreds of miles. 

*laughs over old yearbooks and talking about Korean Pop Bands with their teenage daughter

*Saturday morning yard work. The mulching is done! Onto digging the gardens for spring.

*my parents were here to visit for the weekend 

*late afternoon walks through the local environmental center and a windy stroll on the beach 

*pizza night and college football. 

*Sunday morning Mass and Sunday school for the girls

*afternoon apple picking at an apple orchard ( I went a little crazy and we have lots of apples now)

*Sunday dinner and relaxing with kids and grandparents

* the girls didn't have school on Monday so it was a lazy day of making fairy wands for the local fairyfest and a near perfect walk in the woods.

joining Karen from Pumpkin Sunrise

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  1. wahoo, you are back! I've been knee deep with family visiting hence my late visit to your blog. Love the photo, looks soo peaceful and quiet!