Sunday, September 18, 2016


:: Weekends :: 

Another well-spent weekend moving at a slow pace. We spent time catching up on all the important things in life. Family, good food, lazy & quiet days doing little things but not abiding by the quick pace of the week. 

We spent Friday evening running some errands and then grabbing a quick little bite at our kid's favorite place, Panera. Finally, we stopped in Michael's Craft store and picked up some early Halloween crafty items. 

Saturday was a quiet and slow morning with coffee, newspaper, omelets, and blueberry muffins. 

We ended up heading off to our favorite Orchard to pick some apples, eggplants, and kale. I cannot be trusted around fresh produce. It all looks so lovely. 

Saturday night was pizza and movie night. We watched Muppet's Most Wanted and enjoyed very yummy homemade pizza. 

I made an apple cake and we watched our new favorite show, Shetland. 

Today was another slow morning with blueberry pancakes. We headed off to noon Mass where the children exceptionally behaved. 

I have spent the afternoon doing some cooking. I made homemade barbecue sauce, macaroni and cheese, and slow cooked greens for supper. 

The night was spent going over a five year plan for our family. We are still not sure what we are going to buy in the way of a home. We have lots of ideas swirling around but I think putting it all down in writing will help. 

I might be lucky enough to get some sewing finished tonight. 

Another lovely weekend in the books. 

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  1. I like panera and I like Michaels! That makes for a mighty wonderful weekend :)