Monday, September 05, 2016


:: Weekends ::

We are back in the swing of things but this weekend was a welcome respite from the busy weeks ahead of us this fall. We enjoyed every moment of it. 

* Pizza and movie night for us then I headed over to friend's home for her 40th birthday celebration. It was a delightful evening on their front porch in town. 

* lazy Saturday morning with omelets, hot coffee, and fresh fruit. 

*we headed off to Gapland State Park (the historical site of the news correspondents during the Civil War and part of the AT). Then we went down to the C & O canal park on the Potomac River. An absolutely beautiful day.

* Sunday morning was breakfast and Mass followed by a quiet afternoon at home with cooking, baking, and playing outdoors. 

* Today was a holiday. We spent the day at my parent's home for a end of summer cook-out and swim. 

Lovely weekend to end the summer. I will miss our lazy days but look forward to the change of seasons. 

Joining Karen of Pumpkin Sunrise

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  1. I love how summer is slow and easy but I also love how fall has more structure and routine to it. I guess that is why I love four seasons. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me :)