Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Three Thoughts on Tuesday


We are finding our homeschooling groove once again. It seems to take a bit of time to let go of summer and reengage in schooling in our home. Routines are new and the ability to handle the changes are low. Our oldest is in 2nd grade this year and that means new homework, new teachers, and new schedules to adjust to in the first weeks of September. For her, the best schedule at home is quiet rest or alone time to decompress from the day, then activities (play and dance class), dinner, and then homework/reading time. Thankfully, the school is not big on homework and they want time at home to be time at home. Love this! She is finally adjusting. Our middle girl is at home this year doing pre-kindergarten with a home program. We spend the afternoons doing school work in a structured manner while the mornings are full of crafts, cooking, play, or outdoor activities. The day can get long and she also needs down time. I made a Montessori- like box full of individually bagged activities that she can do on her own when the time arises. Our youngest little guy isn't old enough for schooling so he just plays on the high speed setting until nap time. Unfortunately, with all this organizing and planning I forgot about me. I am running on empty lately so it is time to get myself adjusted. A massage and overhauling my planner is what the doctor ordered. September is for organizing and changing pace. 


Making big decisions are hard. We had a light bulb moment last week. For months we have been searching, worrying, and trying to find a home. We have looked at about 14 homes but none of them seem to fit what we want and our budget. We realized that it was time to step back and reevaluate what we need vs. what we want. We have decided that buying a home that was well below our budget would allow us to not only save money for the home and any repairs or improvements but also allow us the financial freedom to live life with experiences and travel. Living simply. I don't know why it took us so long to figure that all out but it did. We are feeling renewed in this decision. I am hoping it works for us. I have really tried to embrace the living simply attitude. I want our family to experience everything and worry about owning less. 


God has been gently whispering to me. It comes in little waves and snippets. While alone in the car, during a homily at Mass, or just before bed. He has been asking me to give more of myself in prayer and help of others. It is slow to manifest but I am trying to quiet my mind and heart to hear what is needed of me. I am finding that if I am open to help others my own cup is filled with happiness. It is a new path in my life journey. I am excited and open to see where it will lead me. 

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