Thursday, September 01, 2016

Hello September, my old friend.

:: Hello September, my old friend :: 

Hello September. Good-bye August. The days are slowly creeping toward the inevitable long hours of darkness that cover our evenings at home like a heavy coat. The leaves on our trees in the backyard are just starting to show what beauty lies ahead. The air in the evening is beginning to cool and the crickets are singing the last of their sweet summer melodies. Autumn sits in the wing waiting to make her big entrance. 

I have been vacant from this space this summer because I felt like I needed to stay in tune with my children. Every year I am becoming more in tune with the fleeting nature of childhood. I will blink and babies are toddlers while little girls are now bigger girls. It is beautiful and yet so hard to let them grow. I am acutely aware of the bittersweetness of motherhood. Our oldest gal headed off to second grade this week while our little gal stayed home for her last year of home pre-kindergarten.  I do miss homeschooling them all just a bit. It sounds crazy but last year was both hard and rewarding. It is a memory that I am so thankful to hold. Our littlest boy is two and he is a ball of energy and playfulness. We enjoy these blessings and hope for more in the future. 

We had a wonderful summer and enjoyed every moment of it. But now the routines are here and we slowly fall into them all the while trying to obey our family rhythm. I am hoping to spend more time here now that September has turned the corner.  I will be opening my Etsy shoppe (after many years of procrastinating) by mid-September. It is a mix of different handmade things that I am ready to share. Everyone just has to hold me to it so I don't get cold feet. 

I finished a three month writing course and enjoyed every moment of it. I learned that my writing is worthy of sharing and working on. It isn't meant to be kept hidden away but shared. I am fairly shy about these things so it was a big leap this summer and it is/will pay off. I have Jena and Cigdem of The Inky Path  to thank for that. It has allowed me to work on different ideas and know that in the future I can and will submit pieces for publication. 

On the homefront, we are still looking for a home which is a point of contention and annoyance for me. I want to settle down but it just hasn't happened yet. I know it will but it can become frustrating at times. I think the perfect home is just trying to find us instead of us trying to find it. 

I have been slowly knitting and reading this summer. I have fallen head long into reading more poetry than I ever have in my life. Along with a few new stories. Currently, I am working through  To The Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey ( of The Snow Child fame). It is a far more interesting read than I had anticipated. I would recommend. 

All in all, things are calm has we head into a new season. My husband says that this is my nesting period because I stay close to home and begin to kick my home-making skills into high gear. I think it is true. This season allows us to reflect and look inside ourselves to examine our thoughts, memories, and life. The air will be crisp and the swirling leaves will conjure the magic that is Autumn. I will miss summer but welcome my old friend, September with open arms. 

Peace and Love. 

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