Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekending in the Rain

:: Weekending in the Rain :: 

The weekend started off with sunshine and pleasant temperatures on Friday evening. A perfect night for homemade pizza on the back porch and playing in the yard. Sadly, the rain decided to make a weekend long appearance. 


* early morning ballet lessons
* goat cheese, spinach, and cherry tomato omelets because really what else do you do on a rainy morning
*I did a massive clean out of the refrigerator and pantry. 
* the girls decided to spend some quiet time painting pictures while I fuddled through home sales pages and do to lists for the upcoming week
* quiet afternoon of reading and napping because again that is what one does when it rains 
*followed by some knitting and cooking
* dinner: Ratatouille served over whole grain pasta
* movie night with the children 
* I finally got around to cutting some fabric for various sewing projects that must be complete


* sleeping in and relaxing 
*Mass at noon then lunch out
*visiting friends and seeing a new baby
*dinner out 
* a relaxing evening in with the kiddies playing and some much needed knitting
* the last ever episode of Wallander ( I will miss that show) 

A very nice relaxing weekend but I am hoping for some much warmer and drier weekends to come. 

Joining up with Karen from Pumpkin Sunrise


  1. Sorry your weekend got rained out, but it seems like you made the most of it. We on the other hand have had the most amazing weather, it feels like summer up here...I will send some your way :)

    Have a great start to your week.

  2. do you like the love and lemons cookbook? I haven't had a chance to flip through in detail. We had lots of rain but that forced me to rest which was much needed :) I had pizza too!!