Monday, May 30, 2016

Weekend Post

A long holiday weekend was enjoyed by all in our family. This weekend was Memorial Day weekend and while we had so much fun with family and friends we did take pause to offer up gratitude and peace to those who fought so valiantly and gave their lives protecting the freedoms we enjoy every day. 

Our weekend: 

* Friday night- we headed off to Wolf Trap in Virginia to see or rather experience A Prairie Home Companion. My husband has listened to this show his whole life and when we married it became a weekend tradition. I am most definitely a Garrison Keillor fangirl and will miss him this fall as he is retiring. However, I am looking forward to his replacement Mr. Chris Thile. It will be different but still our weekend tradition. It was such a great time and it was so cool to be around people like us. (NPR weekend crowd) 

* Saturday- was both relaxing and an opportunity to move slowly through the morning as the kiddies were offer visiting the grandparents. 

* Saturday night- we went over to our friend's home for a cookout and backyard fun with their family. Good food and friends makes a late spring evening just about perfect. 

* Sunday we spent the day with my family visiting Longwood Gardens in PA followed by another cookout at my brother's home. 

* Today we finished up our long weekend with the first swim of the season in my parent's pool followed by homemade pizza tonight. 

Not a bad start to the summer months ahead and all of our adventures. We will be busy making memories and building a life. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. 

Peace and Blessings. xo. 

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  1. beautiful weekend!! I want to go to those gardens, and haven't yet. It's on my bucket list I guess. Loved seeing your family photos :)