Monday, April 18, 2016

The Weekend

:: The Weekend ::

We had the quintessential spring weekend of little day trips, dinner with family, and obligations. 

* errands Friday evening followed by pizza and a movie 
* early Saturday morning walk with just the dog and me
* ballet class
* Saturday morning brunch 
* driving trip through small towns looking at homes and lands
* a stop at Antietam National Battlefield for a walk to stretch our legs 
* ice cream stop
* dinner from the grill and playing the backyard 
* our oldest girl had her first Royal Academy of Dance class examination Sunday morning 
* Mass at noon
*dinner and time with my parents and brother and sister in law. 
*re-organizing of the family room at 8:45pm ( I had a sudden spurt of energy and desire to organize) 
*finally some much deserved time tucked into bed reading a great book. 

Pictures from my Saturday morning walk: we are renting a townhouse at the moment but has this great road that leads down alongside a farm. The road is used by the county but on the weekends it is a walking path. 

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  1. lovely weekend, we had pizza sunday night. Love the photos you captured with the sun beams, beautiful! I envy you that you can have dinner with family frequently, that would be a dream come true for me :)