Thursday, November 19, 2015

Five Great Things About Today

{ Five Great Things About Today}

#1 Early morning coffee in the french press of Pike's Place from Starbucks while listening to the rain gently hit the window. It is a slow start to the day but a good time. A friend not so long ago said that this process allowed her to stand and meditate on the day and spend a few quiet moments with God before the start of the day. I couldn't agree more with her thoughts. So, not only do I have hot coffee to enjoy but her friendship as well. And while we no longer live near each other (the downside to the military) we are able to share our lives through Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis. Good coffee and good friends. 

#2 Homeschooling my oldest girl. We finished the second part of the lesson from the Story of the World book. We learned about the ancient Egypt and the Nile River. She built a pop up map of the Nile River. It is such a blessing to able to teach her and spend this time with her. Every day doesn't always go swimmingly but for better or worse we are learning and enjoying this time together.  I am so proud how she jumped into the project today and made it her own. She continued to work long afternoon ended. That spark starts a fire for the love of learning. 

#3 Sewing. I am getting things set up to sew some sleepy time pants for our boy. I bought some fun fabric with mustaches and sports fleece. I am looking forward to spending some much needed me time with my sewing machine 

#4 Baking bread. Salted bread knots. A big hit with the family. What more can you say about bread other than it is delicious! 

#5  This little guy just waiting so patiently for me to sit and knit a few rows. He has always been my knitting buddy. I think he just likes me for the warmth I provide but I'll take it as long as he tolerates my snuggles and hugs. 

A lovely day and so many things to be grateful as it comes to close. 

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  1. your five things are awesome. I love that you focused on the positive :)