Monday, October 19, 2015

Oh these lovely weekends...

{Friday, Saturday, & Sunday are happy days...} 

Our days have been happy ones filled with so many fun fall activities that I am just getting around to writing about it today. This past weekend we set off with our neighbors and friends to pick pumpkins and apples at a local farm. We took all our children (5 in total) up to the creamery to see the cows and calves. We all headed back to our house for dinner and a movie then had hot apple cider and s'mores out by the fire. They girls played and we chatted about ghost stories. It was the quintessential fall day. The kids had a blast and it was nice to get to know neighbors a bit more. They are a great family. Our girls love playing together and are frequently found in princess dresses and tiaras running between our homes. It is a blessing to have moved to a place where there is a another family that we can get along with so easily. Those types of friends do not come along very often. 

my neighbor is not that tall but she is sitting her husband's shoulders. They are dedicated apple pickers. 

a very rare selfie....maybe even the first one...ever...

pumpkins with pumpkins


Saturday was relaxing and peaceful with a day at home. 

Sunday we headed out with my parents to see the fall foliage. We headed up the mountains to Gambrill State Park and Catoctin Mountain Park. While up there we saw snow flurries. It was very cold and windy but worth the trip because the views at the scenic overlooks were breathtaking. We had a nice family dinner and the boys watched football.

 It was nice to spend the weekend with family and friends. I try and savor these autumn days because they come and go so quickly. Life is just a bit sweeter with Octobers. 

Joining Karen of Pumpkin Sunrise


  1. Lovely photos of your weekend, it sounds like it was full and fun. Hope you are having a great week.

  2. beautiful! not bad for a first couple selfie :) We try and do as well and some of them I delete but sometimes I get a good one!! Loved the fall colors in your photos :)

  3. Such pretty images. I love October. IT screams family time!

  4. Life IS a bit sweeter with Octobers! This year's has been particularly beautiful in so many places; I've sure enjoyed seeing the beauty of it in everyone's posts this year. :)