Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yarn Along

{ Yarn Along } 

I have had a knitting dry spell over the last few weeks. I will look at yarn and patterns but never commit to anything. I think it might be the warmer temperatures or the fact that I have been working on a counted cross stitch sampler (the first one since I was in middle school. yes, I was the weird kid who did cross stitch at 13 years old thanks to my Home Economics teacher). 

I missed out on the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this year which bummed me out so I decided to finally use the yarn I have been saving from last year's festival for just the right project. I decided to start work on another shawl. It is a light weight yarn with a fresh colorway so I figured it would be good for summer knitting. 

Yarn: Chincoteague Colors- Oyster Bay bought from Carodan Farm

I am reading Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell. I got it out of the library because I didn't think I owned a copy but lo and behold I did. (problems of a woman with too many books) This copy is much prettier than mine so I am reading out of this. It also has some fashion plates in the back that are great illustrations of the attire mentioned in the story. I had a little bit of trouble getting into it but now the story seems to flow. I realized that lately I have a harder time reading the classics and I am wondering if it is because I am in the generation that reads everything online in short blurbs. So, I have decided to devote part of the summer to retraining my brain and weaning it off of internet reading. 

Happy Knitting! xo. 

Joining Ginny of Small Things in her weekly Yarn Along. 


  1. While I am still knitting daily my knitting has definitely slowed down with the rising temperatures.
    I think the Meadowsweet shawl will make a great summer knit and in the color of yarn you have
    pictured it will be quite pretty.

  2. Love that yarn, it looks like the perfect colour of summer :)

    I have never really adapted to internet reading, per say. I can handle short bits, like a blog post, but anything longer, and I want the printed word in my hands. I have a goal of reading more fiction this year, and have been enjoying it so much, maybe a little too much, but there has been a lot of reading around these parts.

    Hope you are well, enjoy your day.

  3. lovely yarn!! I can't wait to see it knit up. I have been using goodreads to keep track of what I own and what I want to buy. It has helped me many of times.

  4. I am feeling just like you right now, so good to know other people have the same issues :)

  5. Beautiful yarn, the colour is stunning.

  6. Beautiful colors in your photo...the green of Cranford and the blue of your yarn! A delight to the eyes!! Happy knitting and hope your reading this summer is a success!

  7. Your shawl will look lovely knit up in that shade; just my sort of colour! I hope you're enjoying Cranford; the BBC series was very good too!

  8. Love the look of the shawl, and it will be perfect in that yarn.