Monday, May 11, 2015


Updated: Homeschooling Page has been updated! 

:: Weekends :: 

:: late Friday night dinner of Ziti, Kale, & Sausage with pan-sauteed cherry tomatoes 
:: Saturday morning of planting flowers for my mom ( she had knee surgery)
:: baking a Summer Cake with Strawberries and Lime Curd 
:: a relaxing evening while husband made dinner 
:: cool evening outside enjoying the stars 
:: sleeping in 
:: a early morning walk with the girls and pup 
:: breakfast made by husband and children to celebrate Mother's Day 
:: Mass (part of which was spent in the back with our energetic little guy)
::dinner at my parents house to celebrate the day with my mom and grandmother 

Joining Karen of Pumpkin Sunrise

A few pictures from last weekend at Longwood Gardens (only 10 of about 100 pictures) 


  1. you didn't have pizza!!! Happy mother's day to you and love that you spent the day with family :)