Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Around the home on this day

{ Around the home this day} 

The warmer temperatures have helped us spring into so many activities around our house these days. It is nice to get out of doors and play. We planted some lettuce and spinach in our garden because I am in complete denial about moving in the summer. I cut the first crop of the mixed lettuce today and it just looks beautiful drying on my counter. I also planted flowers in all of our pots because I can't live without flowers in the lovely spring months and they are flourishing in the sun. 

 Bread has been rising on the counter this afternoon and my new baguette pan is awaiting use. 

We did our lesson this morning and spent some time with classical music and paint. 

Then spent some time outside with play dough and little bits and baubles for decorating and making art.

A quiet afternoon with some craft space organizing and fabric washing and ironing to make a few new skirts for myself since I have such a hard time finding the right kind of skirt. I found that Oliver & S company had a pattern for an everyday skirt. I am continuing work on My Sweetiepie ABCs cross stitch sampler. I haven't done any type of counted cross stitch since I was in middle school and I forgot how fun it is to complete each letter and see the progress.

Tuesday is a day for creativity in our home. Just allowing the flow of the day to take hold and let us create, play, learn, and be is fulfilling. It creates a sense of calm, peace, and security.  

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