Sunday, March 01, 2015


{ Weekends } 

:: Friday evening of finishing up some Birthday sewing and I caught two little monkeys jumping on the bed
:: pizza and movie night 
:: watching The Theory of Everything with my love ( a great movie and Eddie Redmayne definitely earned that Oscar) 
:: Saturday full of fretting over whether or not to have little man's birthday on Sunday 
:: postponing a birthday party until next weekend 
:: afternoon of shopping for a dress ( going to a wedding next weekend too!) 
:: Mass with the family 
:: Dinner at my parent's house 
:: sleeping in on a Sunday morning and drinking coffee while watching the snow come down
:: a day of organizing the basement and clearing out clutter 
:: spending the afternoon finishing a great book 
:: working on home school lessons
:: dinner and relaxing with some knitting 

Joining up with Pumpkin Sunrise


  1. sounds like our weekend where plans were moved about. I knew you had pizza :) Here's to a fantastic week!

    1. pizza on friday night! we are a bit predictable but it is such a comfort on a Friday night.

  2. wonderful weekend... and the crown looks amazing! beautiful photos <3

    1. Thank you. I started making them when my oldest girl turned 2. They are fun to make and easy!