Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Happy List: Home Edition

{ The Happy List: Home Edition } 

 The temperature is finally warming up and I opened the windows today to let in the fresh air and sunshine. It was truly glorious to experience it. The cold always makes me forget how wonderful those first warm days are after a long winter. A friend suggested that in the spring we get together at her farm let the children frolic and we can chitter in the sun. Sounds wonderful. It got me thinking about all things that make happy right now. I am starting with things around my home because there is no comfort like being at home. 

1. hanging up and organizing a quilt 

2. listening to Lorenna McKennitt radio

3. a pile of unread books just waiting to be read

4. little creations just waiting to be brought to life

5. puppy snuggles 

6. a plant that I bought near death at the end of last season which is now thriving

7. little fairy gifts left by my girls

8. a new work space for me and a creative space for the little ones 

9. a pretty blue pitcher that I recently bought for $10. Now it sits on our table every night.

10. watching my girls wear the knits I make for them 

Happy, Happy. 

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  1. love this happy list, I bet you will be super creative in your new spot and I'm trying to revive a plant from near death however, I am the one that over watered it...oh well!