Friday, March 13, 2015

Some words


The deep Celtic beats of earthy drums around bonfires, 
the low humming and singing of ancient hymns.
The light casting out all anonymity. 
Loneliness has no place here.

Tonight is a gathering, a collective cry
a communal vow to awaken the earth. 
To shed the heavy cloaks of winter and release the plaited hair.  

Dancing with steady feet and wild hearts,
uplifting the soul and setting free the spirit. 
Reaching into the shadows of our ancestors
to rekindle song and prayer. 

All through the night until the velvet darkness
fades into the softness of dawn's first light. 


written by Kathleen Shaw 3/13/15

doing something completely wild and letting my private writings into the light. 

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  1. love "dancing with steady feet and wild hearts" Lovely writing and I how brave to share, thank you :)