Friday, February 20, 2015

A Winter's Tale

{ A Winter's Tale } 

We have fallen into the depths of a frigid winter here in Maryland and our tender sensibilities have been shocked. After living in the south for 8 years, the cold of a harsh winter wind just slows us down to a snail's pace. I won't lie and say that I don't miss those warmish days of sun when we lived in South Carolina and Georgia. It is hard to be confined to the indoors when we are so used to being outside most of the year around. The girls love the snow and chance to play in it but cold we could do without. Our days have been filled with scarves, cups of hot tea, snuggling under the down comforter and layers, many layers of clothes when we do venture outside. 

We have a busy week despite the cold. Monday we went to the National Aquarium of Baltimore and had a great lunch at the inner harbor. It was cold but being inside the aquarium was warm and cozy. I love the aquarium especially their warm, darkish room where the coral reef and marine life of the Pacific are on display. They have benches and big displays of beautiful fish and sea turtles with quiet calming music playing. The children were mesmerized by the sights and James and I just sat peacefully. One of my favorite places. We had a great lunch at the a seafood restaurant and even got dessert. Why not? You only live once. 

Tuesday was met with snow. And we spent the day starting our 40 bags in 40 days clean out. We are clearing out clutter in our lives and we are getting rid of a everything from furniture to clothes. I will freely admit that in the past I have been caught up with the buying culture we live in. Our home has been filled with things that I thought we needed. But I have undergone a transition in my thoughts of wealth and how things can hinder your life but not enhance it. We will be moving this summer and I don't want things to limit us on finding a house. If it is a small and beautiful house then I don't want to turn it down because it won't fit our stuff. I love clearing out the things and filling the space instead with memories and love. 

Wednesday and Thursday saw us into the season of Lent and  back to the grind of homeschooling, kindergarten, work, and household duties. But we still slipped in some fun with making Popsicle stick puppets and bread making. I have been experimenting with whole grain breads with seeded crusts. It was a hit but then again bread always is in our home. 

We are readying ourselves for some more snow this weekend and I am starting to craft up things for someone's 1st birthday party next week. My baby is going to be one! Where did the year go? It is bittersweet but also exciting to see him grow. He won't be our last baby so it isn't too hard on this mama to see her boy grow. 

I hope this week has found you well and I promise to visit the space more especially once I open my Etsy shop in March! Exciting times ahead. 

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  1. I cannot believe he is one already, my how time flies, happy birthday!!