Wednesday, September 03, 2014

New Friendships & Small Fires

:: New Friendships & Small Fires :: 

This week has brought new friendships and learning to be a fireman of sorts by putting out the proverbial small fires. I hosted a tea/coffee morning at my home on Tuesday for two new friends that I have made in the last two weeks. It is quite an unusual feat for me because I am not big on going out and making friends with people. Don't get me wrong, I have friends and I like finding female kindred spirits who I can share my time with. But it is hard for me to make friends and keep friends due to us moving a lot or my life being very different than most. I am kind of a character. 
I am a woman who makes a lot from scratch. I love DIY and if I can make it myself then I will. I am industrious and I like to get my hands dirty. I have strong opinions about politics, raising children, saving our earth, spirituality and being good to others. I also put a lot of emphasis on friendship and supporting each other. So, it can be hard to find women who are like me. My husband calls me a pioneer woman of sorts. But lo and behold I meet two women that share many of these attributes. It was so nice to spend time with them and their children. I have hope for the tribe of women I am surrounding myself with these days. It is very hard to be a mother and woman in our society and raise children. A tribe can offer support, understanding, and love. Much like what I have found in my blogging journey. 

On the opposite end, I have been playing fireman this week. Miss E had her second week of school and I think it is setting in that school is a big part of her days. She has been a bit sad because she misses us. Which leaves me second guessing myself and our decision not to home school. I know she loves going and her teacher is a very kind woman who loves children. She is excited to learn and I don't want that excitement to ever end. I am playing it cool and trying to see where this fall semester takes us. I know that we can always change if things become really hard. Playing it cool is hard for me because I want to fix it right away and make everyone happy but sometimes we have to let things play out and then make a decision. Being too hasty can lead to hardship. I had forgotten that growing up can be just as hard as being a mother. 

Happily, even with all the craziness I have been able to knit and make a good supply of baby food for the winter months. It is a lot of work but little J will surely enjoy those yummy foods. I am working on three different knitting projects right now. A baby cardigan, a tea leaves cardigan for Ce-Ce, and a cowl from the Outlander book series. I finished the Beech Cowl and I will put some pictures up soon. I have two sewing projects on the table. A second circles floor pillow for our family room & a restaurant tabletop driving mat for our little guy when he gets a bit older. ( I think I might make two and add one my Etsy shop) 

Life is a bit crazy around these parts but it's life! 

Oh and...we are starting to plan our "long term" homestead. One small extra detail of life. A homestead to live this crazy life. 


  1. So wonderful to meet some like minded mamas to share your journey with. Sorry about the whole school thing. It is hard to watch them move through transitions, and figure things out, eh? Hopefully it will all work out. Can't wait to see all your crafty goodness.

  2. so happy that you are making friends and I know how you're worrying over your at school daughter. I hope the wrinkles iron out and as you know you can go back to homeschooling anytime! I worry all the time...and mine are adults!

  3. what a nice way to get to know some new friends; sounds like a lovely time. :) Schooling decisions can be difficult, but transitions are just that way sometimes. Glad you're finding time to knit and put some baby food by for later. Creative endeavors are such fun! :)

  4. Your term"long term homestead" made me prick up my ears! :-) I'm also a latent pioneer woman of sorts. We pray over our own place, large, back to the land, filled with family. Perhaps my "fourth son" James and his wonderful wife will be blessed with the same!