Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Catching Up...

:: Catching Up:: 

Oh hi there. Oh yes, I am still here. I haven't forgot the old blogging world, it is just that other things have been demanding my undivided attention these days. We have started home school pre-school and it has taken some getting used to and some routine building to get a groove going in this home. Then sickness reared its ugly head and swept through our home leaving stuffy heads and grumpy little ones and even a sickly grumpy mama. And to top it all off , I have an ovarian cyst rupture which sent us on a little trip to the hospital to get me checked up (because I didn't know why I was so sick!) Thankfully, all is well and it is considered "normal". Ugh, September and I have been battling each other and I can't say I am sad to see it go next week. 

In the middle of all these little hiccups we have been getting on with life as's a peek. 


  1. Goodness your little man is getting so big! Sorry about all the health issues, but glad to hear you guys are all on the mend.

  2. glad you are okay, i've heard that those cyst ruptures are quite painful, never had one though. May you have a super healthy end of Sept and beginning of Oct!