Friday, September 26, 2014

At the Table

:: At the Table ::

Nothing nourishes the soul like a family meal. The halcyon ritual of sitting and sharing in physical nourishment while healing your soul with laughter, talk, and complete presence. No distractions of ever present buzz from phones, television, and computer just food and family. 

The simplest and most humble of foods. The hot pot of potato leek soup, warm crusty bread, meats & cheeses. The foods from ages past that have blessed many a table. 

The wiggling fingers and toes as they rush to the table and settle in to see what wonders have been conjured from the seemingly magical pots that line the shelves of the kitchen. Some ohhs and ahhs and one sigh from a little girl wearing a tutu. (potato leek is not her favorite). Hands are folded and heads from bowed. Food is blessed. 

The bowls are passed, bread is broken, and mouths are full with the goodness of simple foods. Happiness abounds.

Dinner isn't always so idyllic but on nights like this I am thankful for the goodness that abounds at the table. 


  1. lovely words with a yummy dinner, I love soup, simple yet satisfying!