Monday, August 25, 2014


:: Gratitude :: 

After a week off from blogging and pretty much the world, I am back now with big changes taking place in our home. This morning we walked our oldest gal, Miss E, down to the bus stop and watched as she and her neighbor friend hopped on the bus for their first day of Kindergarten. It is a day filled with so many emotions; joyful chats about what school will be like, hugs and kisses, and some tears ( on our part not hers.) It is a hard day for me to process because she has been my sidekick and buddy for the last 5 years. Every day. Now she is off starting her education and I am here doing my thing. It will be a bit hard but I know she is having fun and learning. Today, is a good day to be thankful and grateful all that we have as a family. 

* first days of school: making friends & learning new things 
* quiet morning coffee
* a trip to the playground with Ce-Ce
* the chance to watch our children grow and become their own little beings in this big world
* quiet afternoon while little ones nap 
* the chance to sit with husband and plan out the next years 

We have passed one milestone and now we are planning for our next one....finally settling down with a little homestead. 

Life is good. 


  1. Congratulations to Miss E, and to you too. These milestones are always bittersweet.

    1. Yes, as they keep growing it comes with so many great memories but also a little bit of sadness.

  2. She is beautiful and I love how you captured the moment:)

    1. thank you. she is loving her school and teacher. happy gal = happy mama:)