Tuesday, July 29, 2014

At the Sewing Table

:: At the Sewing Table ::

Summer is a time for so many things that my sewing is usually put aside until the fall and winter but recently I have had the urge to sit before my machine and sew. It has been a flurry of sewing simple projects for my children and a set of pillows for the home. 

Baby Bibs for my big boy

Baby Pants to wear...

fabric for a skirt for my biggest girl (isn't it amazing looking!)

cut-outs for some more skirts 

fabric for circle floor pillows 


  1. Some beautiful fabrics. I really like the skirt fabric...gorgeous. Hope you will share the finished skirt :)

    1. Thank you. I will post a picture of the skirt when complete!

  2. Love the fabrics, but especially drawn to that skirt fabric. You must share a photo when you have finished it :)

  3. You have some beautiful fabric there! and such a pretty sewing table! My daughter and I are (have been) working on setting up a new sewing/craft "studio" in our spare 'oom -- we have tons of fabric and ideas and just need to get the room in order so it's usable! :)