Monday, June 09, 2014


:: Weekending :: 

Our weekend....

* late Friday night pizza and playing out of doors instead of a movie. 
* Saturday morning sleep in and breakfast 
* Saturday at home playing, relaxing and enjoying the day 
* early trip to Church that was thwarted by our youngest gal getting quite sick in the car ( motion sickness) 
* afternoon & evening at my parents for swimming and dinner 
* early bed times for all after a day in the sun 

Not much in the way of exciting activities but I'll take it. We have had busy weekends since April and we have another this upcoming weekend and the weekend after that! 


  1. We all need slow and simple weekends to balance out the busy ones. Enjoy your week.

  2. mmm, pizza! Not fun having a motion sickness kid. Our daughter would say her throat felt funny and that was code for being ill. Lucky for us riding in the front helped and getting off of windy roads :) She outgrew it!