Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Weekend and Easter

:: Our Weekend and Easter :: 

I am a bit late on my weekly weekend post but I was recovering from 5 days of busy!  We had so much happening but it was worth every moment even if now I am feeling the exhaustion set in. So, we have been taking it slow and easing into every day. Soon we will have those long lazy summer days. I can't wait. 

Our weekend...

observing Good Friday with church and quiet dinner 
dyeing Easter eggs and cleaning the house 
dinner party with my brother and his girlfriend 
drinking good wine ( Apothic Red) 
Early Morning Easter Mass & breakfast with my family 
long naps 
Easter dinner at my Aunt's house 

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  1. you sound like me recovering and mine was only two days! And no newborn in sight for me to be taking care of. Love the family photo, you have a beautiful family :)