Monday, April 07, 2014

A Spring Weekend

:: A Spring Weekend  ::

Super busy weekend! 

Friday night Fish Fry at our church 
Saturday morning of errands to pick up supplies for our garden
Cabbage plants, lettuce, and spinach to start the planting season 
We build garden beds at every home we've lived in. We leave a trail of little gardens wherever the Navy sends us. 
The mail brought some new books on Saturday afternoon
Pie making Saturday afternoon: blueberry and frozen peanut butter chocolate 
Saturday evening of homemade pizza and lime-a-ritas ( just a little indulgence) 
finishing up bibs for baby 
Sunday morning Mass 
Pancake breakfast
Sunday afternoon naps 
Dinner at my parents with some of our family 


  1. lovely weather in your photos and the bibs are adorable :) I used to love margaritas back in the day!! Yum :)

  2. Thank you. I have a super sensitive stomach and don't do alcohol real well and having a small babe right now it is a real treat.