Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Yarn Along

:: Yarn Along: First Easter Sweater :: 

This week I finished a sweater that I started awhile back but got lost in the move. I found it again recently and decided to finish up for my oldest gal. It is the perfect sweater for Easter. Now we just have to start looking for a dress. I used to buy the girls each a dress from Strasburg Children Clothing store but they have gone out of business. Any Suggestions? 

The pink yarn above it is what our 2 year old has picked for her sweater. We are calling it electric pink! 

On my bedside table, I have a stack of books. I am reading: 

Simplifying the Soul - Paula Houston 

How to Know the Wild flowers: A Guide to the Names, Haunts, and Habits of Common Wild flowers - Mrs. William Dana Starr

The House Girl- Tara Conklin

The Knitter's Book of Wool - Clara Parkes 

And one last picture of some baby knits as we get ready for our little guy's arrival...

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  1. I love the pinks, they are so pretty and great for spring. It's a shame Strasburg closed, I use to dress my daughter in their clothing.
    I hope you are feeling well and your little guy arrives soon and easily.

  2. Love those pinks :) Simplifying the Soul sounds interesting, will have to look into it. I have been thinking about you, hope all is well.

  3. lovely sweater for Easter! Oh how I wish your baby was here....I bet you are excited as well!

  4. What a sweet sweater. The two sweaters will look darling together.