Monday, March 17, 2014

The Weekend

:: The Weekend :: 

Our second week with three children gave way to a restful and fun weekend of firsts for our family. 

* Friday night was an evening out to celebrate the birth of our third child and my birthday which was Wednesday. Just the two of us. My love and I. It was glorious and delicious. We went to a little restaurant down the road from our house. We may have only been gone for 2 hours but it was just what we needed. An added plus was that the grandparents got to soak up the love from our babes. 

* Saturday we had to go out and buy shoes for the girls. It was an much overdue shopping trip. I came home to a package of yarn on my doorstep. Yay! I ordered some yarn from Quince & Co. to start a scarf I fell in love with on their website: Beech.

* Saturday evening was a quiet dinner and evening of painting, music, and yarn winding. Baby laid in my lap and was enthralled with the swift spinning wildly as I wound the yarn. 

* Sunday morning was a groggy morning of a lot of tea and coffee since everyone decided to stay up late into the night! Not one of our finer nights at home. But pancakes and bacon make up for a rough night of sleep. 

* Sunday evening we set off for the grandparents to celebrate St. Patrick's Day early with corned beef and cabbage. 

With a fresh blanket of snow on the ground, we are starting off our Monday nice and slow....I am thankfully for snowy days especially these days. It gives me an excuse to move a little slower. 


  1. happy birthday to you!!! how exciting to celebrate, and he is adorable :) sweet and lovely!!

  2. happy birthday!! & happy mail!! what a great week! thanks for sharing!