Wednesday, March 26, 2014


:: Randomness ::

This post is full of random thoughts and happenings around our place the past couple days. 

Is this not the most lovely little car and guy? I received a package in the mail the other day from Canada! To my surprise and delight it was a gift from my blogging friend, Kim. It made my day! I was having a rough day of exhaustion and my wits were not about me but opening this box was like a little ray of sunshine that just brightened my day. I know our little guy will love to play with this when he gets older. Thank you, Kim. It was so kind and thoughtful. Blogging has opened a whole new world of kind, like-minded women to me and I am so glad I took the leap and started blogging 3 years ago. 

April: Prompt A Day

I started reading a blog, The Habit of Being about a year ago. I love her writings and musings. Each month Amanda offers writing prompts each month. I have always been too shy to actually participate but now I am going to plunge in and take a chance. I have a story to tell and I want to share those words with others. It will be a little difficult with a newborn but I need to remember to take care of my soul and mind in order to be a patient, loving mama. 

Honey- Oat Bread (recipe from the King Arthur Flour website) 

 I made bread today...what else is new? I love making bread. It was pretty good. 

Things I am loving right now: 

 Tend Magazine out of the UK. I purchased the first quarterly edition. It is great!

Bon Appetit Magazine do I need to say more? 

Nag Champa Incense: I can burn it again because I no longer have pregnancy nose that makes me dislike all smells. 

The Movement of Stars by Amy Brill 

Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo- discovered their music after watching Wallander   


  1. I do the prompts in a journal and they have become part of my morning routine. Lovely gift from Kim so sweet and thoughtful!!

  2. Yay, you got it! I am so happy it made you smile. I love Amanda's prompts, gets me writing and thinking :) I have been looking at Tend, I might have to jump in and see how it is.

    Take care. xo