Sunday, January 26, 2014

Our Weekend

:: Our Weekend ::

I think I am in nesting overload mode...

enjoyed movie and pizza night 
cozy Saturday morning breakfast with blueberry muffins
purifying beeswax cappings 
making healing & cooling lip balm for chapped lips 
homemade caramel sauce 
finished the baby's quilt ( a room unveiling is soon to follow) 
dinner of baked fish over red rice topped with a lemon butter sauce ( gourmet and yummy) 
an evening of Indiana Jones with my hubby
Morning Mass
pancake breakfast 
evening at my parent's for dinner
a night of Downton Abbey & Sherlock with some easy knitting

A good weekend of being home and staying cozy under the blanket of winter.


  1. A good weekend indeed. Enjoy that nesting :)

  2. nothing wrong with nesting! We recorded Downton abbey but I'm not loving it like I used to....I hope it gets better. Lovely quilt and I can't wait for the big reveal!!! How exciting :)