Thursday, January 02, 2014

Organizing and Planning

:: Organizing and Planning ::

I love the beginning of a new year. It feels like a fresh start and I love being able to push the "reset" button on things in our life. I break out the new ledger for our finances, a new journal a day for myself, new calendars for the year, a new lesson plan calendar for schooling, and all kinds of charts. Admittedly, all of them probably won't last the whole year through because life takes over and we get crazy busy but it is exciting to think of the prospect of a highly organized life. ( I am a planner if you couldn't tell.)  This might just be the year that I stick with all my charts, journals, and whatnot. It is very exciting to think about what the year will bring and the plans we make for making memories.

The best part is that today while I sit and make up all these little things to organize our life, the snow is falling in fat powdery flakes. Even Mother Earth thinks it is time to cover the earth with a cleansing blanket of white snow to start the year. 

Do you have any planners you like to use throughout the year? 


  1. I have a few just like you. You know though, I like them, they keep me organized. I have yet to pick up new calendars, must get on that. At least they are all 50% off now :)

    1. The best thing about waiting until after the 1st of the year is that all the calendars are 50% off! Hubby always waits to buy them until then. lol!

  2. Like you I have a fondness for new calendars, ledgers, and journals. I also have grand plans on being accountable in the menu planning!