Friday, January 25, 2013

Creative Friday

:: Creative Friday ::

Joining Linda of Natural Suburbia 

This week I began work on some Valentine's Day decorations for our home. It is a fun holiday and I do love some added pink and red around the house. I am not sure where I will be hanging them but they are fun. I will be working on dolls for the girls and little knit cats. ( pattern courtesy of Linda) Yay! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yarn Along

:: Yarn Along ::

Joining Ginny of Small Things

This past week I have had a million different knitting patterns and ideas floating around in my head. The good news is that I stayed focused enough to work on my In Threes: A Baby Cardigan for my youngest gal. It is turning out beautifully and I even bought some buttons for it. I hope that next week we'll be to show it off. This week I also found a pattern for a knit clutch and I decided that would be a super easy and quick little gift for myself. It is a flat knit with a bit of sewing involved. I would like to line it with fabric but I am not sure how to go about it. Any advice or books or websites I should read?  The On the Go-veralls aren't pictures because I haven't made any progress yet. It might shelved for a while as I hope to start a sweater for myself. I have already knit two sweaters this year. If you had asked me two years ago to knit a sweater, I would have laughed.

A funny bit to share, last Friday night my husband and I were talking about money. ( not my favorite topic) but I said "Thank goodness for you and the girls because otherwise if left to my own devices I would probably squander all my money on books, yarn, and wine." He agreed. I had a professor in college once tell me that she would rather spend her money on a book then a new pair of shoes. I knew she was a kindred spirit after that. Is there really anything better?

My reading for the week. I don't usually read magazines but I have been getting these free all year. I have to say that Martha Stewart Living is my favorite. She is really just clever in the realm of domestics. I am reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in Night-Time. An interesting read. I am also trying to read a chapter a night of Simplicity Parenting. Lastly, I found this meditation book. Hopefully it will prove to be useful. 

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A quiet moment...

:: A Quiet Moment ::

This morning was our first full morning of homeschooling. It was a success! Before Christmas I decided that it was about time we started doing a full morning of activities and learning. It took me a little longer than anticipated to get us up and running after the holidays. But we made it. I feel like I am always saying that we have changed our routine or rhythms but life is about evolving and growing. 

This year we are not following a set curriculum because both my children are young but it certainly doesn't mean we can't learn the basics. I have adapted Montessori methods to fit our home with the help of a great e-book entitled, Montessori at Home. We are doing seated work and a little bit of Waldorf also. Eclectic would be the word to best describe my methods. Today was the first day of full morning learning where I really felt like we were on the right track and clicking on all cylinders. Ah! Success. My eldest girl is starting to recognize words and read them to me and my little peanut is using paints to create. These are the days when I think that no mountain in homeschooling is too big to climb. Today is a good day. 

On a related note, I found that a group of like-minded mamas meet with their children at our local state park for a home school group once a month. Yay! 

"Ll" Week

practicing tracing the letter "L"

learning "L" words

It might be cold outside but it doesn't mean we can't practice pouring and measuring.

we made ladybugs and landscapes

displaying our day's work

Sunday, January 20, 2013


:: Weekends ::

"What is a Week-end?" - Violet Crawley of Downton Abbey 

: friday night pizza and movies
: my hubs making his famous goat cheese pizza
: friday night quote: " if left to my own devices I would surely squander my money on books, yarn, and wine."
: early mornings 
: big brunches with many plates to be washed afterwards
: wandering around the hardware store
: our first succulent garden 
: playing with the neighbor's cat
: candle light dinners
: early morning church 
: spending my time outside of church with the littlest one because she is far to squirmy
: nature walks
: play dough fun
: warm afternoon sun on back porch
: sewing
: requests for my sewn things 
: football 
: Downton Abbey, tea, and knitting

Overall, a great and quiet weekend. The best part is that we have another day to add to our weekend tomorrow.