Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yarn Along

:: Yarn Along ::

We have been enjoying the first snow of December here. The girls have been frolicking in the snow until they can't stand the cold and we had some nice days of just relaxing and being a family since James had off. I was also able to snuggle up and get a bit of knitting done this week. 

I had started work on a ribbed men's hat for hubby but in the middle of the pattern my circular needle broke. Just plain old broke! I didn't have another the right size to fit it on. Needless to say, I was upset and so disappointed. I decided to settle on a scarf instead until I can get new needles this weekend. I made a little progress on the baby sweater and I am ready to move to the next section. I also found some great yellow yarn for a knitted baby cap. 

As far as reading goes, I have given up on yet another book. I can't seem to stay the least bit focused to read these days. During all my pregnancies my brain just doesn't seem to want to focus on the printed word. Thankfully, the newest edition of Taproot showed up and I have something fun to read for the next week. 

What are you knitting this week? 

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  1. Sorry about the needle :(

    Love the colours you are working with and yay for Taproot, my issue arrived today, can't wait to dig in.

    Happy knitting!