Sunday, December 01, 2013

Our Weekend

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decorating the tree 

playing with the Christmas boxes

enjoying our family room and TV before it moves downstairs to the basement after Christmas. We are giving up the TV as the centerpiece to our living space. A big step but a good one. 

our little space heater in our sitting room

my favorite Christmas decoration of all. 

:: We hosted our first ever big family Thanksgiving at our home after years of being far away 
:: decorating for Advent and Christmas 
:: first ever trip with the girls to the movies
:: a quiet candlelit dinner with the family
:: coaxing our backyard bunny closer to us so we can share some little treats with him
:: putting together our Advent wreath only to realize that I did not order the beeswax candles yet...ugh! 
:: a cozy evening with hubby
:: early morning Mass to start the Advent season 
:: Christmas parade and open house to support my brother and his boss who is running for office

We had such a busy holiday weekend and I am super tired now but it was one for the memory books. Here's to a quiet slow Monday. 

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