Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yarn Along

:: Yarn Along ::

Progress! This past week I finished one baby bootee in a set I am making for future babies and I am almost finished making my first pattern, a scarf. I hope to block it and take some great pictures this week so that by next week I am ready to share! I'll put up the pattern and would love any feedback on how to make it better and easy to use. I am still working on a sweater for Miss E and I'll be able to focus on it more over the next couple weeks. 

I am still reading Inferno by Dan Brown. It is good but I do have to say that I am finding it kind of slow compared to The DaVinci Code. I'll see what happens over the next couple days. I did get the latest issue of Taproot! Oh how I love this magazine. I love getting a new issue but I hate reading it because I want to savor every page and dwell on each story. 

Happy Knitting! xo. 

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  1. Your scarf looks so pretty!

  2. Mine just came last night. I am resisting the urge to crack it open until things get down around here. What a lovely scarf!

  3. Cute baby bootee. I love the colors of the yarn.

  4. loves those booties, which pattern are you using?
    i got my issue of taproot yesterday, so so good. :)

  5. How lucky to have your copy of Taproot already, I am patiently waiting for mine. Enjoy it.

  6. I'm like you---in the savoring of Taproot!!! Love that magazine.

    (I finished Inferno last week. Not his best in my opinion, although I did enjoy the travelogue, since I had been to several of the cities. He did too much rehashing---too much flip-flopping of the characters; something tells me he wasn't expecting a Pulitzer anyway!!!

    Sweet little bootie!!!

  7. Such a cute bootie! It would go perfectly with the sweater I just finished for my grandbaby. :)