Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Small Offerings

:: Small Offerings ::

I have been really feelings off balance lately and this past week seemed like a fog so I have made strides over the weekend to get back into the swing of things and tip the scales back into my favor. A little spiritual realignment if you will. 

First, a little spring cleaning of the family altar. It is a sacred space filled with little trinkets, prayer cards, candles, and a family heirloom. Our spiritual beliefs are our own and I personally have deep spiritual convictions about the universe, God, earth, and spirit. Our family sacred space isn't much right now but I have high hopes in the coming months to create a space in our new home. 

Secondly, a lunar infusion tea. I do love the light of the full moon and I usually make sun tea but why not some moon tea instead. Whether or not is a calming tea because it was bathed in moonlight is up to the tea drinker. But it was very good. 

Lastly, a little bit of meditation and a real concerted effort during Sunday Mass to focus on what is happening in the moment and not let my mind wander. ( This proves difficult with a 2 year old). 

I think sometimes I lose track of my spiritual side when I get caught up in my everyday life but that side of my life needs to be fed as well. These small offerings always help feed my soul. 


  1. So important to take time to focus on the spiritual side, the soul needs it.

  2. I get up early for my spiritual side and it always sets the day off the right way. I'm happy and balanced. Good luck this week!