Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Bits & Pieces

:: Bits & Pieces of Home :: 

 Everyone so often I like to share some things about my home that make me happy and peaceful. Below are my rescued plants. My neighbor had to move and she couldn't take them with her and I couldn't bear to let me go to the trash. I love adopting plants and it is much on economical then adopting more pets at this point in our lives. Besides, green plants give off this positive energy that just fills my home. 

Pineapple Plant: it really is the top of a pineapple growing. 

pretty tree fern thing...I have no idea what it is. 

our faithful pup, Scooter. 

Asparagus Fern

the pot has since been cleaned out. It is HEAVY but awesome. I am going to plant  some herbs in  it. 


Pinot Noir, Parm, and homemade bread...nothing better:) 

a fun corner of my home. 

more bread....we love bread.

Hope you have enjoyed a little visit. 


  1. I love scooter's vibes, totally relaxed! Thanks for the tour, lovely!