Sunday, February 17, 2013


:: Weekends ::

Our dog depicts how our weekend....

* the essential pizza and movie night 
* sleep in Saturday morning and blueberry muffins
* making herbal tinctures 
* making breads 
* quiet Saturday afternoons 
* Daddy's and little girls working on a project together for mama
* special candlelight steak dinners for everyone
* Movie night with my hubby (Skyfall) 
* blustery cold Sunday morning  
* Our oldest gal asking in the middle of Church ( and very loudly) "Where is God?" Oy! 
* Sunday afternoon  of sewing 
*Downton Abbey Series 3 Finale 

Joining up with The Habit of Being


  1. lovely weekend! Love the photo of the dog :) our dog loves to sleep under the footstool with his head sticking out too!!

  2. i totally want to see sky fall. i hope it was great.
    your daughter sounds brave. i think that a lot of us think that takes a child to put a voice to it.

  3. :)what a lovely weekend, and what a cute dog. :)

  4. sounds like a lovely weekend :)