Sunday, January 20, 2013


:: Weekends ::

"What is a Week-end?" - Violet Crawley of Downton Abbey 

: friday night pizza and movies
: my hubs making his famous goat cheese pizza
: friday night quote: " if left to my own devices I would surely squander my money on books, yarn, and wine."
: early mornings 
: big brunches with many plates to be washed afterwards
: wandering around the hardware store
: our first succulent garden 
: playing with the neighbor's cat
: candle light dinners
: early morning church 
: spending my time outside of church with the littlest one because she is far to squirmy
: nature walks
: play dough fun
: warm afternoon sun on back porch
: sewing
: requests for my sewn things 
: football 
: Downton Abbey, tea, and knitting

Overall, a great and quiet weekend. The best part is that we have another day to add to our weekend tomorrow.


  1. you captured the light in the photo brilliantly! Love your weekend, the tea and knitting! We have been saving up the downtons while our son is still here. He goes back to campus next weekend and then we will begin season three :) I kind of like wondering around our hardware store!!!