Thursday, January 10, 2013

these days

:: these days:: 

This post has been a week in the making with thoughts and words floating around my brain. I catch a little something thoughtful to say here or there but a moment has not passed this week where I can put all those thoughts into something meaningful. 

I have been thinking these past weeks about our life and me. I turn thirty this year and I am not worried about getting old or leaving my twenties but I do catch myself comparing my life with others at times. (My opinion is that certain social media sites are a hot bed of self doubt.)

As a result, this week I decided to document all the things in my week that may seem mundane to some but give my life depth and meaning. What I have realized is that my life is nothing like my friends' lives for many reasons. But that does not matter because we live our own lives and in no way should to be like anyone but ourselves. I really am happy in my skin. Our way of life is not mainstream in many ways but it gives us great joy. My husband is my rock and sensitive soul in uniform while I am his free spirited wife and with our pixie girls we make up a family.

So,  as I sit here with my girls enjoying the warmer temperatures that winters in the South afford us, I know that these days and every day is the best of my life. 

(hope this didn't ramble on too long but I just wanted to get it all out) 

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