Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Awaiting Christmas


:: Awaiting Christmas ::

After the events of last week, our hearts are left extra tender these days and my thoughts have gone out to those families who grieve. Despite a touch of sadness, our home is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Christmas. I hear little voices singing Christmas songs and little hands playing with our Nativity. Our oldest is finally beginning to understand the meaning of Christmas and she has soo many questions. We have been baking many cookies and other treats to share with family and friends.  The cards arrive in the mail each day and we hang them above our new electric stove. (We live in the south and don't need the heat but it is sure nice to look at and sit by) We'll just have to pretend until we move somewhere colder.

 A few things lie before me and I can just sit back and breathe. ahhh...


(Well, I won't lie and say that the sewing is done but I love sewing so it isn't really a chore) 


December 2012 079


December 2012 012


December 2012 009

December 2012 004

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  1. It all looks good, especially those cookies :)