Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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November 2012 026

I am still working on Christmas sweaters for the girls and I think I will be working on them for a while longer. But I did make a dishcloth pattern and constructed one. I love it! It is textured and pretty easy. I think it will be a great little addition to gifts for the females in my family.  I don't really want to wipe my counters and dishes with this but alas I need a new dishcloth. I just ordered several patterns from Magpie Patterns and I ordered some yarn. So, I'll be starting some beautiful "neck candy" soon. 


November 2012 028 

I finished The Widow's Daughter, it was really good and a little bit sad in the end. I have heard a little bit about this book so I wanted to check it out. It seems a little sad and I always hate books about mothers and babies that face troubles and trials. It hurts my heart as a mother but I do love a good story. My other set of books are getting me ready for the Advent/Christmas season. I want to do something special with the girls for Advent but they are still very little. I also found this book about homepreschool that I am finding quite interesting. This year has been a electic mess of learning and finding our place. It is kind of fun just letting go and learning for the sake of fun and growth. Well-- that's all for now. Happy Knitting! 

November 2012 043


November 2012 044




  1. I like your pretty sweaters in the making!

  2. I love that shade of green that you are knitting with :) Also the book looks good. Love the cover art!

  3. festivals, family, and food is a grat book. and i can see why you don't want to use the dishcloth, i love that happy yellow. :)

  4. Darling dishcloth! And looks so lovely against the blue and white bowl! I've looked at The Children's Year before (maybe after reading Under the Chinaberry Tree?) and think I might cave if you think it works well with very young ones.

  5. I love your color choice for the sweaters and your dishcloth is so bright and cheery it is bound to help get you through those silly chores that get in the way of crafting.

  6. I didn't know about Magpie Patterns, thanks for sharing. I just looked at their website and can see I'm in for a treat. I added the preschool book to my wish list. Your knitting is beautiful. I learn so much from discovering blogs from Ginny's Yarn Along links. Yay@