Wednesday, November 07, 2012

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My knitting has been traveling quite a bit this week. We went to the beach over the weekend to enjoy the warm weather and James' basketweave scarf went with us. It was kind of fun to knit on the beach. At home. the weather has been lovely so we have spent many hours outside. I am finishing up the Heirloom Baby Sweater for my youngest one. I started the Milo Sweater Vest for my eldest gal. I really love knitting this vest. It is a lot easier than I had thought. I made a lot of progress last night while watching Election coverage. 


I am still reading The Widow's Daughter, it is an interesting read and I think the most dramatic parts are yet to come. I also just picked up Light Between Oceans. It seems a bit tragic but we'll see how it turns out. 

What are you knitting? 


Happy Knitting! 


  1. such lovely knits you have going on. :) i enjoy knitting outside while the children play, so relaxing.

  2. You have been busy and so much happening on the needles. Enjoy your time in the sun.

  3. lovely relaxing knitting photos, such pretty colors too!

  4. The scarf looks lovely. And I love the milo too, it is an easy knit and really fun to do.
    Have you switched your blog? I was following you but I am no long getting your posts in my feed. I will try adding you again.

  5. Thank you! I did switch my blog. I was getting some unwanted traffic on it and I decided to switch to Typepad. It was a Christmas gift to myself. I like the Milo. I am not sure about the cable portion to I might just leave it out. We'll see what happens.

  6. Good to know, I just added you to my feed again. I left the cable pattern out, haven't tried them yet and didn't want to mess with the milos I was knitting, it still looked great!

  7. I really like all of the yarns you are working with. Knitting outside is such a pleasant thing!