Sunday, November 04, 2012

Crafting with Kids


I have started this new page to share some crafts that we do at home. We just made some luminaries for the table. They don't give off a lot of light but it creates a nice warm autumn feel. Enjoy!

October 2012 001


* warm color cardstock

* small squares of tissue paper ( colored)

* scissors and X-acto knife ( optional) 

* 2 clothespins 

* heavy duty glue ( I use Mod Podge)

* thin tissue paper or tracing paper ( white) 

* gluesticks 

* pen 

* cottage window template or any template of your liking 

October 2012 002

Trace cottage window templates onto cardstock ( above) and I am doing this on a cutting board because the X-acto knife is sharp. 

October 2012 003

Cut out the cottage windows 

October 2012 004

Place the tracing or tissue paper on top of the cutout cardstock. 

October 2012 006

Glue the pieces of tissue paper onto the tracing paper using the cutouts below the tracing paper as a guide. You want to make sure that you cover the whole area of cutout so that it will be colorful. Then flip the tracing paper sheet so that the tissue paper is facing out the cottage window. 

October 2012 007

Roll the cardstock and glue all layers. Use the pins as clamps until the luminaries are dry. 

October 2012 010

I use battery operated tealights because I think paper and open flame are a bit dangerous! 

If you have any questions about the craft or how to make it, feel free to leave a comment and I'll try to help you. 

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