Thursday, November 15, 2012

A New Space...


:: A New Space ::

I have been cleaning and organizing a new space that is all my own. We live in a small home with very little extra space. It is hard to downsize when your family is growing but we have been adjusting these last 9 months. I always say that it takes a good year to find a place for everything which can be frustrating when we move every 2 to 3 years. The Navy is a lot of things but kind to my cleaniness and organization quirks it is not.  However, I think that I am FINALLY happy with my new sewing space. It has wonderful afternoon sunlight and a great view. It is in our bedroom which complicates things a bit but my husband is very gracious about it. He says that once we settle down that I will have a small well-lit room just for me. Isn't that what every mama and wife wants? A little retreat to spend some quiet time. But for now this little corner will be my retreat where I can work, think, pray, and rejuvenate because a balanced mama is a happy mama. I just thought I'd share the new space with you. 


November 2012 006


November 2012 005


November 2012 012


November 2012 018


In case you are wondering....I am making a doll sized quilt for my little gal. Each girl  will get one with a cloth doll for Christmas. 

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  1. It is lovely! And little quilts, how cute! Enjoy every creative moment.