Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What we are learning this week...

:: What we are learning this week ::

 This week we have been focusing on the lovely letter "Ff" in our little school room. Our week started off with finishing up our earth from last week. ( Note: papier mache takes a lot longer than I had anticipated) Miss E painted the continents without any help from Mama. Well, maybe a little direction. We hung it in our school room. We have had a grand time this week with little crafts and work. I admit that sometimes I get caught up in worrying about how much we are accomplishing and am I doing right by my children. But they quickly show me that they are content and free to express themselves without judgment. I think that is the essence of home schooling. Freedom.

Tomorrow we are going to take a little field trip to a forest. 

Our letter table 

felt fish with fabric paint 

When they are dry, we will hang them up. 


  1. Looks like a great week of fun. Enjoy the forest tomorrow.

  2. These are great activities. Thanks for sharing. I love the globe.